Recommended places to visit and suggested activities to do in El Hoyo and its surrounding areas.


El Hoyo is considered the National Capital of fine fruit. In this mountain town one can do Agrotourism and tour along the region’s farms tasting delicious strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries and all the other berries one can imagine.

This rural town located northeast of the Chubut province belongs to the Parallel 42 Andean Region and, as the rest of its partners in this district, its main economic activity is fine fruit.

It was founded in September 5, 1953 and it is 220 meters above sea level in the Andes Mountains.

Its name is related to the geographical feature, similar to a hole (Spanish ‘hoyo’) , where it is located. However, there are other versions claiming the region’s name honors Father Hoyos, a priest who got there in 1960 as part of Juan Fernández’s expedition.

Places to visit in El Hoyo
The town of El Hoyo has many touristic destinations to visit and many outdoor activities to enjoy. From here, one can visit different natural attractions that will delight for its singular and very unique Patagonian beauty.

Please find below a list of some of the most interesting sites to visit and discover that one cannot miss.


Only 2km away from downtown El Hoyo there is this mighty 85mt high waterfall. One can get there walking on a steep path that goes through cypresses, coihues and radals woods while enjoying the landscape’s flora and fauna diversity. Throughout the 40 minutes walk, one can appreciate a stunning panoramic view of the valley’s multiple farms and crops.


Epuyén river ends in lake Puelo’s waters, 15km away from downtown El Hoyo. To get to the lake’s shore, one must go through Raúl Solari’s Park, a place with great ecological value since it was created in order to protect the native Pitras’ and Arrayanes’ woods. Pitras’s forest are over 200 years old and provide shelter to different local species, while the Arrayanes’ one is famous for the cinnamon like copper color of these trees logs.

This place is perfect to have long walks amongst the forests that give a slightly orange tone to the sand beaches of the lake’s shore.
Here one can also practice water sports as well as fishing.


This harbor is located in the northeast end of lake Epuyén, 13km away from downtown El Hoyo. To get there one must go through a mountain dirt road, surrounded by majestic andean-patagonian woods and numerous farms devoted to the production of fine fruit and crops and animal husbandry.

Its wide sand beaches, and its calm, clear and navigable waters make Patriada Harbor the perfect place to relax, walk, practise water sports or even fish a little. Some have said this place even resembles paradise.


Challenge yourself to enter, get lost, and find your way in South America’s biggest Labyrinth. A unique experience to enjoy in family since it is an all-ages appropriate activity. However, if anyone turned out not to be a big fan of all of this, there is the possibility of enjoying the labyrinth’s cafeteria and its magnificent view.


Epuyen river is born in lake Epuyen’s south shore, and throughout 35km it goes over the Epuyen valley, El Hoyo until it dies in lake Puelo, where the River Mouth is. Recreational fishing and kayaking are both ideal activities to perform in and along this river, as well as camping or just spending the day by its freshening waters on a hot summer day.


Located in the north end of lake Epuyen, this mountain stands out from the rest because it holds one of the most important Patagonian forests, conserved almost entirely in a native state. Its special environment has allowed it to be home to a great number of local species. It is located 1885 mt above sea level and it is nearly completely surrounded by both lake and river Epuyen.


Fine Fruit National Festival is an event celebrated each January in El Hoyo to honor the main economic activity and to present the artistic and cultural manifestations of the local productive work. It gives tourists the chance to taste fresh and processed berries, as well as purchasing any of these products or regional crafts and enjoy a musical festival that gives color to the celebration.

Thanks to the natural protection from the winds that bless the city with good weather, El Hoyo is the privileged place for the production of fine fruit, which is why in 1986 was declared the National Capital of fine fruit and this Festival began to be celebrated.

During the event there are also conferences, meetings and exhibitions related to the activity, involving producers in the area and official institutions in the production area. Sports activities like racing, cycling, football and equestrian events, among others take place as well.

It is estimated that the number of competing public is 10,000 people per day, who every night live in the cultural arts show presented by regional and national artists on the main stage. The sound and color takes over each night, culminating in a popular dance until the wee hours of the morning.

Last but not least, the closing night of the festival they crown the new National Queen of Fine Fruit to represent the town of El Hoyo for one year .


Hire an expert guide to take you through different places and sceneries from El Hoyo, as well as to learn more from the place’s history, fauna and flora.